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The 14-Point Code of Mindful Action

Created By Stephen K. Hayes


This 14-point Code of Mindful Action was developed for students of the martial art of To-Shin Do® by founder Stephen K. Hayes.

It is important to him that people understand that these 14 points form the foundation of what a warrior / protector is.

As An-shu (Director of Training) Hayes wrote regarding the Kasumi-An Dojo predecessor to the 14-point code, the Go-Kai:

"This set of basic codes is a way to avoid confusion under pressure. Traditionally, these precepts are vows to avoid doing the kinds of things that would unnecessarily complicate your life. Reverse the natural weaknesses of human behavior and use the new skills of precision as a means to create what you need in life. As a powerful person, you will want to set an example of a positive lifestyle through commitment to the Go-Kai in order to create a happy, safe, and fulfilling community in which to live.

The five precepts are not rigid laws or rules. There is no need to swear commitment to them without the possibility of compromise. They are guides for action so you do not have to go through the trouble of determining all the pros and cons whenever you act, speak, or think. Rigid unquestioned rules actually work to hinder the potential for developing personal responsibility in your life. You must find the essence of each admonition, and find how you can come to a personal experience of what it takes to advance from the lower levels of spiritual slavery to the higher realms of enlightened mastery."

An-Shu Hayes also says that the 14-point code is the foundation of warriorship. It's important to work to make our communities better, stronger, safer places because as a result, our own homes will be better, stronger, and safer places. When our home is a more secure place, our families are going to be more secure and able to have more happiness. If our families are more secure and happy, then the payoff is that we're people who get to live in a happier environment every day of our lives.

He states that this 14-point code is very important to an authentic old style traditional martial arts lineage. Good martial arts teachers "would have never given a person a sword", An-Shu says, without also giving them a code of mindful action.


14-Point Code of Mindful Action

By Stephen K. Hayes


Yellow Belt

I protect life and health,
I avoid violence whenever possible.

I respect the property and space of all,
I avoid taking what has not been offered.

Blue Belt

I develop significant relationships,
I avoid abusing others for selfish gain.

I thoughtfully express the truth,
I avoid the confusion of dishonest words.

I cultivate a positive attitude, a healthy body and a clear mind,
I avoid whatever would reduce my physical or mental well-being.

Red Belt

I communicate health, happiness and peace of mind to everyone I meet,
I avoid violent, disturbing, and unduly critical speech.

I promote harmony and positive momentum to bring the best in everyone,
I avoid causing alienation, doubt, and division among others.

I encourage all to speak purposefully from the heart,
I avoid the dull contentment of gossip and small talk.

Green Belt

I am as enthusiastic about others fulfillment as I am about my own,
I avoid treating others’ successes as the cause of my lacks.

I promote the enjoyment of life, and encourage others with my smile,
I avoid setting myself against the world.

I promote the search for personal realization of truth,
I avoid the seductive comforts of narrow-mindedness.

Brown Belt

I accomplish what must be done in a timely and effective way,
I avoid putting off doing that which will benefit me and my world today.

I strive to be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind,
I avoid the negative effects of worry, doubt, and regret.

I work to build love, happiness, and loyalty among all members of my family,
I avoid putting temporary personal benefit ahead of the welfare of those I love.


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